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“Officially Off-Scale” Workshop

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Get Your Clients To Celebrate Off-Scale Wins Like They Won The Lottery!

⇢Do you ever stress over whether or not your clients are following the plan you laid out for them, worried that if they don’t, they won’t get the results they want and they’ll end up stopping?

⇢Do you feel burnt out after client sessions where you spend most of your time reinforcing the importance of the long term journey and trying to get them to (actually) buy-into aspects other than the scale?

⇢Do you feel frustrated by this ^^ and struggle to stay patient as you have the same conversation week after week?

⇢Do you feel like if you can just get them over this hump, you’ll be able to work with them so much more deeply, and really change their life?

If you answered “yes” to any of those? Here’s the thing…

Having a strategy to get your clients to celebrate off-scale wins without coaxing, convincing or pressuring them to?

Means that you will be able to…

  • Retain them for as long as you need to to get them to their goals, even if the scale is being stubborn
  • Help them let go of the scale in one 5 minute conversation that will shift everything for them
  • Have fun with your clients and take the pressure off of your program needing to do all the heavy lifting
  • Be able to talk about the stuff you really want to with them, without victim mentality hijacking every call
  • Smooth out your clients emotional ebs and flows making this ^^ so much easier (and more fulfilling)
  • Know that your client loves working with you and feels 100% bought into the direction you’re taking them (without second guessing yourself, your process or your skills…hallelujah!)

SO. If you think this might really change things for you?

Go ahead and watch this workshop where I teach you how to do this in just a few quick and simple steps. In fact, try them out in your very next coaching session…I guarantee you’ll feel the shift.


And lastly, when you feel ready, I’d love to help you with this more closely inside of TriggerMapping – my certification and mentorship program where I work hands-on with a group of nutrition coaches to show them how to graduate from “just another nutritionist”…and become known as the go-to expert for creating life-altering transformation at the deepest level in every client they work with…

…plus show them how this level of mastery organically allows you to…

🤑charge the kind of money the pro’s do (we’re talking 1K/month here, love)…

📣keep your clients for as long as you want so you can escape the revolving door of clients coming in and going out

🙋🏼‍♀️have a waitlist of people who will pay you in advance just to save their spot in line

🌟only work w/ the clients who are ready for the deep work you’ve always wanted dig into without battling resistance or pushback

💫align your coaching program with how you want to serve your clients and live your life

💖walk away from every single coaching session with a deep knowing that you left your client a different person because of what you just did with them…aka: coaching crack

I mean, just think about it like this for a second.

You know that old saying “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink?”

Well what if…you really could make it drink?

That’s exactly what I’m going to be teaching you to do with your clients.

So if you feel ready to be so much more than what you were traditionally conditioned to think was possible for you?

👉🏼Just fill out this short 2 minute application form to let me know where you’re currently at. 

I’ll reach out to you and ask you a few questions to see if I can help…If I can, I’ll shoot all the details over to you.

Thanks for reading! And be talking soon.

xx Laura

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